"Fear kills more than the virus" said the news headline. The program had the presence of specialists, writers, and experienced journalists. Any unknown situation, product of a virus, bacteria or disaster affects the psychological state of individuals.

A friend told me: "The thought of being cooped up on a cruise, with people infected with a virus, and me raises the temperature to 120°F.”  Fear is an important aspect of the human psyche; its function is alert us of danger, with the immediate response to run or tackle the problem. However excessive fear can paralyze or  sicken people. Governments can take numerous health measures but cannot prohibit fear.
Fear is a unique feeling, some people fear snakes, spiders others. Some individuals fear air travel, others travel in a lift. Fear prevents right thinking, and giving the right answers to problems.

 So it is no wonder that FD Roosevelt, the President of the United States, in his opening speech (1933) said, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. What Roosevelt meant was that acts performed under fear only worsen the situation. If there is a rumor that we will lack water, all citizens will be at the supermarket; thus water will run out soon, the same with oil, cotton, toilet paper, a remedy, or notes in banks. If we have no control, fear worsens the situation.

Each individual faces situations with external dangers and internal dangers. Fear is an internal aspect that we can control preventing it from terrorizing us. Dominating our inner emotions, harmonious decisions can be made successfully avoiding danger or violence. Years ago with my wife, we visited the island of Chiloe, in Chile, it was very nice. We went for a walk and we were followed by the B&B owner’s dog. It was an Irish setter. He wanted to show us his skills and entered into a property and brought a duck. We took it from his mouth and returned to the garden where he had "hunted" it. Later it went into another house and brought a chicken, again I thanked him, took from his mouth [to] the poor animal and returned to the house, and as soon as we could with my wife we ​​went for a walk along the beach. There, the setter looked around and found some small branches and brought them to me, but never gave them easily; his idea was that I had to fight for them!

Suddenly, at one point five stray dogs appeared, and surrounded the setter barking at him aggressively. The animal looked at us, sat down and waited looking at the sea undeterred. We were about five meters, and calmly waited to see whether we should intervene. Those dogs were of a size slightly larger than the setter. After several minutes one of the dogs stopped barking. Then I clapped my hands and shouted at them: “Stop, it is enough, out!” They looked at us, stopped barking and wagging their tails went away. It was a teaching experience of calm producing calm. After a few deep breaths, we continued our walk accompanied by our new peaceful friend.

Any virus or bacteria to harm must find a gateway. We cannot be careless or unconscious with an attitude of apprehension, ignorance, or fear. We know that when the human body faces an intruder it is prepared to isolate and remove any foreign aggressive element, and doesn’t matter whether it's a virus or bacteria that enters through the skin, nostrils, or mouth. After reading Alexis Carrel it always amazed me how the defense team immediately works: the police, the fire fighters, and intelligence services of the body that detect and neutralize the intruder if it is harmful.

If humanity has managed to live for millions of years, it was because it developed a system of immune protection. This system produces cells in different parts of the body that defend and attack intruder elements. In addition, all entry points have guards. Nose mucus traps particles and germs, the earwax does something similar, and saliva possesses compounds to eliminate many of the elements entering into the mouth. And if they pass into the stomach, gastric juices are a powerful shredder. Even the tears contain substances that cleanse and protect the eyes. The human body is a wonder! We must care for it and strengthen it.

Individuals should be responsible for their own health, and know what is healthy. If we damage or weaken our immune system with toxic substances such as alcohol, drugs, snuff, opioids, stimulants, etc., this creates a sense of unnecessary damage, which makes us feel weak at a time of danger. This is evident with tongue piercings, navel or other piercings, and tattoos (white of the eye, with the risk of becoming blind), or sex toys use done without considering the consequences. Desires for pleasure often end from bad to very bad, like death by asphyxiation. They all start as a mental contagion. We must therefore be vigilant and not be subject to manias or examples from films. In each case the instructions of the responsible health authorities must be followed.

The effect of a virus, depending on the individual's immune system, may be zero, or cause some discomfort. The flu virus produces slight temperature rise in one, in another fever, and in others severe disease. The worst situation must be avoided: when contagion spreads a virus to become pandemic. It does this through a psychosis of fear and ignorance. In any contagion case, it is a major mental element that can strengthen or weaken the immune system.

Spirituality instructs us to keep calm, serene and send messages
of power and love to the body through prayer and meditation. If we send messages of fear, nervousness, or uncontrolled fright, this will not help the immune system of our body. There is also no possibility of overcoming the spread, if individuals are declared defeated before becoming ill. Sickness comes from the Latin: infirmitas , which means not stand firm. One study found that many of those killed by a virus were already suffering from a disease. So they were not firm. 

Do not be afraid. We keep our mind firmly based on the power of the spirit. Life gave us a spirit of love, power and self-control. Let's [us] use this power! 

Clothed in the power of the spirit nothing can harm us. To do this we can use meditation and prayer to strengthen our spiritual essence, and make our shield invulnerable. Exaggerated mass media bark news like dogs, which doesn’t help. We must be serene, because calm produces calm. Regular meditation strengthens our mind and immune system. So we have to cultivate it. Loving ourselves means taking care of ourselves.

Once, in the middle of viral crises I had to go to the hospital to see the eye doctor. The advice was: do not go; as it is said, hospitals are the main centers of infection and spread of virus. After thinking I realized that not going was a symptom of fear, and should go without fear. I had to face and overcome my doubts and fears. I meditated and I affirmed my spiritual identity. When I felt strong, I was confident that everything was fine. I was treated by an experienced doctor. I was grateful to see her doing her work dedicatedly, serving large numbers of patients without rest. I recommended her to be careful. She smiled, and told me: “That’s what I have been doing for over thirty-five years.”

We meditate on the good and the good will bless us, [to] those around us and the entire community. Anything that inspires in us security: masks, gloves or a cash reserve is useful. However the protection of the shield of the spirit is available in the middle of the sea, the top of a mountain or in outer space.

Spiritualized consciousness rejects any virus, because the spirit is not subject to contagions or illness.

As the doctor told me, we can practice the smile meditation. Breathe a few seconds and exhale in few seconds with a smile. This remedy is free, and those [that used it have been wonderful in its results] who have used it have found wonderful results. And you will smile a lot! Life is always powerful and sustains us.

Loving ourselves means taking care of ourselves.
 Blessings and strong health for everyone!

© Pietro Grieco/2020



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